The Nintendo 64? Yeah, it got it’s own exclusive Doom game.

Developed by Midway, Doom 64 looked nothing like any other game in the series up until that point. The graphics and audio were all rebuilt from scratch, and the underlying engine was given a boost with vertex colouring and a basic scripting system for map behavior. Every map is new and full of tricks and secrets. In a way, it’s more of a Doom 3 than Doom 3 ever turned out to be.

In short… there’s a lot of stuff here to cover, so let’s do some posts about crap relating to this game for a little bit! C’mon, it’ll be fun.

Thanks to elbryan42 for the video footage!

doom 64 rules super hard

Reblogging because 1) Doom 64 is pretty sweet, with some very creepy sound design, and 2) There’s a Tumblr dedicated to talking up all of the different systems/devices you can run Doom on.


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