When it comes to modern classics, few films get bandied around between kung fu cinema fans like “Pedicab Driver.” It’s pretty much considered to be Sammo Hung’s modern masterpiece.
The catch? It’s never been released on DVD. Ever. It did get a VHS release in the UK about twenty years ago (Which I own. Booyah!), but it hasn’t been seen since. Oh and that version has pretty dismal subtitles.
It’s due for a remaster but I honestly doubt we’ll never get it. It’s not even that the film is that action heavy. It’s not really. Not compared to some of Sammo’s other films.
It’s that the action there is is fantastic. No fancy animal styles of wire work. Just straight up kick boxing and some seriously brutal exchanges.
The film is also punctuated with one of the best on screen fights of all time: Sammo versus Lau Kar Leung (which I’ve posted about twenty times).

Yes, the full film is on You Tube. With pretty great subs too. Watch it here if you like.
But it needs a proper release. Shit, in needs a Blu-Ray with fourteen hours of special features. I just doubt it will ever get one.
Then again, “Shanghai 13” gets a release next month and we never thought that film would see the light of day either.


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