Bit of gameplay from Normality, a 1996 3D graphical adventure game by Gremlin Interactive. Specifically, the US version of the game. This game is a weird “comedic” point and click adventure game set in a very radical-90’s version of the stereotypical 1984 dystopia. 

The US version is notable because all of the voice acting was redone, most notably having Corey Feldman voice the main character. Neither voice cast is exactly “good,” neither is the game really, but there is a weird novelty to hearing Feldman acting like the most “90’s” douche imaginable while reading his lines in really weird ways. 

Good Old Games has Normality for 6 bucks, but only with the UK voice cast. Though I’m pretty sure there’s tutorials out there to add the US audio to the GOG release. 

This is only a partial playthrough by the way, but it’s also the only playthrough I can find with the US dub and no commentary. 

Oh and @stick-arms, this seems like something you should know about. Hits a lot of your interests: cyberpunk/dystopia, weird 90’s stuff, low poly 3D graphics, Corey Feldman, etc. 


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