Black Knight 2000 (System 11B), 1989
Brian Schmidt, Dan Forden, Steve Ritchie

50 followers! Wheee! Thank you. Thank you 50 times. I have a special treat for you ♥

You don’t even want to know how long I spent ripping this. The vocal samples don’t play in sound test because of how the game works (see below). I had to rip and manually sequence every single one on top of a separate rip of the backing track. I tried to correct the originally sloppy timing of the clips in my resequenced version, not to mention the quality of this rip is at least twice as good as anything else I could find on the internet.

Was it worth it? I guess that’s for you to decide. Personally, I think the ability to hear this in high quality on demand has made the Earth a slightly happier place.

Independent of all this, of course, it is a rare treat indeed to hear an FM piece with vocals. While this was technically possible on the Mega Drive, pinball machines were actually purpose-built to be able to play myriad voice clips. Presumably due to space constraints, you have this call and response with the Black Knight using voice clips that were already used during gameplay anyway. How charmingly efficient. Interesting how technology shapes art, no?

You’ve got the power! (Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)
You’ve got the might! (No way!)
Get ready for battle! (Give me your money!)
Beat the Black Knight! (Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Brian Schmidt has confirmed in Youtube comments that Mr. Ritchie (the game’s designer) did co-compose with him on Black Knight 2000. I had originally neglected to credit him because his name does not appear in the credits printed onto the cabinet itself.


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