Celebrating the Music of Nujabes , the subreddit /r/Nujabes has selected their favorite tracks.

1. Brothel Rain
2. Still talking to you
3. Arurian Dance
4. Talking for the Clouds
5. Shiki No Uta + (English Cover by Sapphire)
6. Beyond
7. Sky is Tumbling
8. Counting Stars
9. Highs to Low (Remix)
10. Think Different
11. Dawn on the Side
12. World’s End Rhapsody
13. Lady Brown
14. Luv(sic) pt.3
15. Feather
16. Light on the Land
17. Highs to Lows
18. Another Reflection
19. Luv(sic) pt.2
20. Reflection Eternal
21. Imaginary Folklore
22. Letter from Yokosuka
23. Voice of Autumn
24. After Hanabi
25. Ask
26. Color of Autumn
27. Spiritual State
28. Luv(sic) pt.6
Outro: Shing02’s Commentary @ “A Tribute for Nujabes 1/23/2015” [Live @ The Lyric Theater]

* All Rights Reserved to Nujabes and Hydeout Records *


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