“Nintendo eShop – 3D Fantasy Zone II Trailer” direct from Nintendo!


YEA IVE BEEN PLAYING THIS ALL DAY AND IT’S SO GOOD?? oh my god, it’s like six dollars on the shop and it is captivating me. if this game had been around when i was a little kid then it would have completely changed the course of my life.

here, let me explain: you fly around beautiful pastel-colored dreamworlds, traveling through Bright and Dark versions of them as the game launches text at you about Opa-Opa’s anxiety about his own self, his past, and the uncanny nature of the world he explores. also, there is an entire mode of the game inspired by NiGHTS into dreams. 

HAVE SOME SCREENSHOTS I SAVED (mostly from the intro, bc you can see plenty of the gameplay up there):


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