Grounseed (PC-98), 1996
Ryu Takami, Ryu Umemoto


Welp blog’s over. It was a good run. Not gonna find anything better than this. Time to fire all of my other posts into the sun.

Instant favorite. Same great flavor as Mr. Takami’s work on Rusty. Except it’s house. There could not be an easier sell for me.

I get the feeling Daisuke Amaya is a fan of this, too.

Although there are only 6 FM channels in the YM2608, this game makes use of a mode FMPMD2000 refers to as “FM3EX” for up to 3 additional FM instruments, all routed through the third channel. I wish I knew how this works, because it is wholly ungoogleable. Pure speculation: you are able to “split” FM channel 3′s operators and make the modulators act as carriers in combinations of 3op/1op, 2op/2op, 2op/1op/1op or 1op/1op/1op/1op. Why this should only be an option for channel 3, I have no clue.

Thanks to MaliceX for this awesome rip.


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