I’m releasing a private demo/sneak peak for the game me and k00ps are making for my Patreon supporters. This is an acclimation of six months of work that i’ve been mostly secretive about, only really letting k00ps in on details. Although you have probably seen many of the monster and npc sprites from k00ps’s tumblr.

It’s going to be a 3D first person dungeon crawler in the same vein as Wizardry or early Megaten but with a glitchy cyberspace aesthetic. After creating your party, you are tasked with exploring a system of cyber labyrinths created by the mysterious Chishev. The labyrinths are inhabited by a wide variety creatures. Some friendly, some not so friendly.

Most of the demo is just a demonstration of the engine inside the game’s debug room along with an early version of the character creation system. This stuff will be more polished when the final version is released.

The demo can be downloaded on my Patreon. Go check it out!


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