Here is the 8 page story “War/Love” from my Not For Prophet zine.  The zine also contained another 12 pages or so of sketches which I need to post at some point.

I made this story for fun between projects.  It’s funny because I was actually working on  my science fiction romance story for Speculative Relationships: Volume 2 (Kickstarting now BTW, please take a look!) while finishing this up.  I was using this story as kind of a playground for ideas I had about romance comics, which eventually informed a lot of what i’m doing for Speculative Relationships.

In a perfect world, this story was actually supposed to be more like 20 pages and I’d have been able to color it and yadda yadda yadda.  But it was a super fun fan comic that allowed me to also meditate on the things I love about the Prophet relaunch (the metaphors in the story are pretty thinly veiled) and put my own spin on the Prophet+Yilala relationship (a small part of the book that I always wanted more of).

Also I wanted to say that Brandon, Simon, Farel, Joseph, and all the Prophet team that I met and handed the zine too at ECCC were super awesome about it and I really appreciated that.  And big thanks to them for making great comics.  Also a shout out to prophetsharing for fostering a cool fan art community for Prophet.

I want to do another zine (maybe after the series ends?) and include some art form other prophet fans… if anyone is interested?  Let me know.

Thanks ya’ll and enjoy! 

Wonderful stuff from a wonderful sir!


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