Discotek Media has released the incredible
Lupin the III: The Castle Of Cagliostro on Blu-ray,
and it was worth the wait. It’s probably tied, if not my favorite of Miyazaki’s films…
This release is just really fantastic!
The packaging and art is top notch 👌🏻

The film transfer is the best it’s ever looked, you can tell Discotek really put time into cleaning this print up, and making sure it’s the best it’ll ever look.
They included 6 audio tracks including
• 1979 Japanese (Mono) & (5.1 surround) tracks
• 1992 English dub (Mono)
• 2000 English dub (stereo) & Family-friendly tracks
• a new 2014 commentary track

They included plenty of of extras with interviews from the voice actors, storyboards, alternative openings & endings, plenty of trailers, promo art, and plenty of others.
All around it being my first Discotek purchase I’m very pleased by them, and will keep my eyes out for future releases they do.


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