A big interview with the excellent James Stokoe, plus a look at pages of new Orc Stain (full article at link).

Why do you think people see affirming work as ‘lighter fare’ or having less truth or meaning? Is it a cultural emphasis or something more?

“Whenever this conversation comes up, I think of this perfect bit Bruce Lee does in Enter the Dragon. “We need emotional content. NOT ANGER!”. Later on, he fights a dude with a claw hand in a mirror maze, and the quote still rings true. As long as the emotions are coming through, and they’re not forced and hollow, it doesn’t matter if the story is filled with fight scenes or poop jokes. You don’t have to go full Titus Andronicus every time to get your feelings across, not every pie is filled with human blood.” ‘

“Not every pie is filled with human blood” is my new go-to phrase. Well done, Mr. Stokoe.


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