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Hey there. Matt Maxwell here. I primarily write (fiction of most genres though I distrust genre categories as anything other than marketing necessity), I’ve also published my own comics (with art by Estudio Haus and Luis Guragña), take a lot of photographs, occasionally record electronic music under the name Identify 9. Here’s a few places you can find me


Titles available from Amazon

The Black Mass Variations (short horror/postapocalypse/Lovecraftian fiction)

The Teacher (for Blizzard Entertainment – science fiction in the world of STARCRAFT)


Strangeways – Murder Moon

Strangeways – The Thirsty

Writing about comics:

The Collected Full Bleed

Highway 62 Revisited



Tumblr – most of these are mine, though there are other folks’ works here


Identify 9

Other blogs

Highway 62 home site – where the stuff that’s too longform for Tumblr goes

Intrapanel – old comics and photography

The Glass Diamond


Why yes, i would like to write for other folks in exchange for money, thanks for asking. You can reach me at the following address:

maxwellm at pobox dot com


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