CONDOR (1984), while largely terrible, is interesting for a number of reasons.

The future as seen from 1984 is always fascinating, especially when people are forced to make interesting choices due to budget and resources available in getting stuff up on the screen. And that type!

It stars Ray Wise who is always fun to watch, and as was proved in TWIN PEAKS, is a vastly underrated actor who can put real intensity up on the screen when he wants to. I won’t say he burns it up here, though.

His partner is an android, but more of the organic variety (someone had just seen BLADE RUNNER), and talking to a bunch of wires just isn’t that interesting. Sorry, Data.

Wise’s character works for a private security firm, who at one point kicks the LAPD off the job because of what amounts to internal corruption.

The LAPD patrols our fair city with the assistance of an army of unmanned drone helicopters controlled from police HQ. Which terrorists hijack and blow stuff up with, holding the city hostage.

Yeah, they get a lot of stuff laughably wrong, but what they get right is kinda interesting.


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