This is Mendel Palace

This is a backup of my Tumblr blog, Mendel Palace. I started the original blog in December of 2011. I wanted to save as much of the blog as possible, in case Tumblr closes shop.


Man, given the talk of Yahoo devaluing Tumblr, the company’s past history with absorbing and then shutting down sites/services when they fail to meet expectations, etc. I’m thinking I should really take some measures to prepare if this place goes the way of the dodo. 

I mean, I don’t know how much of the stuff I’ve posted needs saving or anything, but there’s parts I’d want to hang on to. And given that I’ve been on here for almost five years now, I’d be a bummer to see it all gone. 

More importantly, I want to make sure I don’t lose touch with friends I’ve made here. I’ve met some good people through this site, and there’s plenty of “voices” I’d miss hearing if this site went away. 

Trouble is I’m not the most “plugged in” person around and I’m not really on a lot of sites besides Tumblr. I have an email obviously, but that’s mostly for work/school/organizing with local friends. I have a Twitter account I’ve barely ever used and I’m on a forum that I’d bet money no one I follow is a member of. I’m on Reddit literally to follow a few threads and never interact with anyone because that’s not exactly a community I want to interact with. I haven’t touched Facebook in over a year and I have no reason to think I’ll go back. I’ve only used Skype once ever and only just poked around Discord and don’t really get it quite yet. 

So I haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing yet.