CNN Reports Yahoo Hecked Up Buying Tumblr





two minutes later, i jump half out of my chair as i am subjected without warning to my first unblockable



advertisement for a credit card service

playing on repeat 

embedded somewhere on the tumblr dashboard

jangling over the mellow-out music to which i am desperately trying to chill out because today was rull bad.

yeah, no, fuck you Yahoo. you screwed the pooch, punish yourselves

oh man I got that too!

good lord why

Add an Adblock filter for “*”. I’ve got a couple hits on it so far and no recurrence of the ad.

EDIT: You might also have to block “**” and “**.mp4″, apparently.

i’ma do these, thank you!

If none of the above works, be aware that, if you’re on Chrome or Firefox, you can mute individual tabs on your browser, so you can just mute your Tumblr tab.



I usually say my favourite genre of speculative fiction is post-apocalyptic, but really, it’s more like… post-post-apocalyptic. You know, milieux where the immediacy of the apoclyptic crisis has passed and the struggle to survive and rebuild is no longer the narrative focus – basically, slice-of-life stories that just happen to be set amid the vast and incomprehensible ruins of some inconceivable precursor civilisation.

Curious, do you know of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou? It’s a manga (which was adapted into a pair of short OVAs) that’s been occasionally referred to as taking place in a “cozy post-apocalypse.” It’s mostly the slice of life events of a robot gal in a drowned and largely depopulated world. It might fit the bill.