The Man Who Colored The Marvel Universe:

Stan Goldberg (1932-2014)

Marvel colorist Stan Goldberg, who created the color schemes of the costumes of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and dozens of others, died yesterday, at the age of 82. Mark Evanier has more information here.

I wrote briefly, in Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, about two of Stan’s contributions to the Marvel mythos.

On The Fantastic Four:

“And although they remained unmasked (in another break from comic- book convention, they were going to keep their identities public), at the urging of letter-writing fans they soon had snappy blue uniforms. “Jack gave them this long underwear with the letter ‘4’ on their chest,” said Stan Goldberg, who designed the color schemes of the Marvel comics. “I made the ‘4’ blue and kept a little area around it white, and then when the villains came in—the villains get the burnt umbers, dark greens, purples, grays, things like that—they can bounce off it.” The blast of colorful heroics against a murky background world immediately set Fantastic Four apart from everything else on the newsstand.

On Spider-Man:

"The grand melodrama was offset by Lee’s snappy patter, Ditko’s stunning costume design, and, once again, the primary-color palette choices of Stan Goldberg, who selected for Spider-Man’s costume a combination of cherry red and dark cobalt (in deliberate contrast to the more vivacious azure of the Fantastic Four).

Goldberg also drew non-superhero comics for Marvel in its Timely incarnation, and was the longtime artist for Marvel’s Millie the Model series. In the late 1960s he began drawing for various series published by Archie Comics.

stan goldberg, in an era of comics when this applies to far too many names to count, was a truly underappreciated craftsman. those colors! you owe more of your affection for these characters to his color decisions than you probably realize.

don’t go forgetting it.