The new edition of Prince of Cats out from @imagecomics late September is going to have development sketches in it! I want montague and capulet cosplayers y’all. I’m saying, Should I hold a contest?







Scorn, Teaser Trailer

This is exactly my aesthetic. 

holy shit.

Okay, so the obvious point of reference is Giger (with a healthy dose of Cronenberg), but with the fleshy gun(?), I was pretty immediately reminded of The Many from System Shock 2. Which I mean, is also obviously inspired by Giger, but still. 

Either way, you’ve got my attention. 

Have u seen existenz? @mendelpalace

I haven’t, though judging from this: 

I can believe that it’s a possible inspiration. 

Though of course this isn’t Cronenberg’s first use of an organic weapon. 

I still stand by the System Shock 2 comparison, as it did have two organic firearms made from human and alien tech, one of which is referred to as “semi-sentient” (though for the life of me I can’t find a decent picture of either one). 



Character Designs for Monsters Inc

by Nicolas Marlet

I’ve looked for these. This could have been an absolutely gorgeous, stylish movie and what they ultimately went with was so sterile. I get they didn’t want to scare the shit out of kids but this is the same artist who made the dragons in HTTYD look so awesome, too, and designs for the Kung Fu Panda films.


…a few pages from

Hikōtei Jidai (飛行艇時代?, lit. The Age of the Flying Boat), a fifteen-page, all-watercolor manga, on which the animated film “Porco Rosso” is based & concept illustrations for the film by Hayao Miyazaki (The Art of Porco Rosso – VIZ Media – 2005)…