Taking his tortoise for a walk – Full video

Master Roshi and Turtle spotted in the wild.







Scorn, Teaser Trailer

This is exactly my aesthetic. 

holy shit.

Okay, so the obvious point of reference is Giger (with a healthy dose of Cronenberg), but with the fleshy gun(?), I was pretty immediately reminded of The Many from System Shock 2. Which I mean, is also obviously inspired by Giger, but still. 

Either way, you’ve got my attention. 

Have u seen existenz? @mendelpalace

I haven’t, though judging from this: 

I can believe that it’s a possible inspiration. 

Though of course this isn’t Cronenberg’s first use of an organic weapon. 

I still stand by the System Shock 2 comparison, as it did have two organic firearms made from human and alien tech, one of which is referred to as “semi-sentient” (though for the life of me I can’t find a decent picture of either one).