Taking his tortoise for a walk – Full video

Master Roshi and Turtle spotted in the wild.



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i hate this comic because i saw it like 5 years ago and to this day this is still how i remember it

Bugs trump Grass because that’s their environment.

Confused about why Bug-Moves are super effective against Psychic.

Bug, ghost, dark are strong against psychic because they are common fears/phobias ! (Yknow because Psychic….brains and all)

Still don’t get why Ghost beats Ghost.

ground beats poison – rub some dirt on the wound.

steel beats poison – you…i mean, you can’t poison metal.

steel beats fairy – fae creatures hate iron in most mythologies.

fighting beats dark – PUNCH THE SHADOWS

Well, @bogleech gave a pretty explanation a while back in one of his Pokemon reviews that the reason Fighting beats Dark is because in this case, Dark isn’t meant to be like, elemental darkness, but old fashioned treachery and deceit. I mean a lot of dark type Pokemon aren’t shadowy creatures, they’re just portrayed as mean spirited and bullies. And a lot of dark type moves are things like Sucker Punch, Taunt, Payback and Foul Play. 

So the more heroic, proper martial artists of the Fighting type triumph over the cheaters and bullies that Dark types tend to be. Related, that’s why bugs are effective against Dark types. Because remember, this is from Japan and as we all know: 



“coca-cola strips rust from metal i can’t believe you put that in your body” that’s because carbonic acid reverses the oxidisation process you dipshit even tonic water does it

of course I put it in my body. I need something to strip the debris out of my synthetic metal interior. just because the robot uprising is here doesn’t mean we cyborgs stop taking care of ourselves