The new edition of Prince of Cats out from @imagecomics late September is going to have development sketches in it! I want montague and capulet cosplayers y’all. I’m saying, Should I hold a contest?




PRINCE OF CATS by Ron Wimberly  PRINCE OF CATS written and drawn by Ron Wimberly, lettered by Jarred Fisher, and featuring design by Jorden Haley returns to print from Image Comics. PRINCE OF CATS was first released from Vertigo to critical acclaim in the summer 2012. It was out of print before the following summer. After three years, it will be returning to print through Image Comics. PRINCE OF CATS is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead meets The Warriors meets Sword of Doom. PRINCE OF CATS sets Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in an alt-universe, mid-eighties New York where dueling with live blades evolved as a cultural phenomenon alongside New York’s other street cultures; it eschews the story of the titular star-crossed lovers to follow the tragic story of Tybalt, the Prince of Cats. PRINCE OF CATS, the definitive remastered author’s edition, is set to release in Fall 2016.  – See more at: https://imagecomics.com/content/view/april-2016-image-expo-announcements-revealed#sthash.JfNnye3S.dpuf




Yo, @sasha-art​, you know how I’m always talking to you about digging? Here’s a story about how a random image on the cover of an old book put me onto an amazing artist. 

So I’ve always been taken by the cover to the second edition of C. L. R. James’ Black Jacobins (The first image above), though I’ve never had this copy. The comparison to Jacob Lawrence’s portrait of L’Ouverture are obvious as pointed out by this interesting survey of the many covers of the book.

(Jacob Lawrence’s General Toussaint l’Ouverture)

…but something about this cover was even MORE powerful to me. I looked online for the name of the designer but couldn’t find it, so I ordered a copy of the book, just so that I could find out who the designer was. (speaking of digging, looking into this edition actually is what caused me to stumble onto this Bomb article that I posted about last week).

So I just got the book today. I tear open the package flip the book around and read, “Cover design by Loren Eutemy”. So I set to googling  “Loren Eutemy”. No luck. But I keep digging and trying different combinations of image searches until finding a blog that has some design in it under the name “Loring Eutemey”. So had they misspelled his name? Was “Loren Eutemy” a pen name?

Either way, after finding that his real name, I was able to do a decent search on him and boy did this guy cook! I’ll let the design work above speak for itself. He obviously didn’t draw all the covers (maybe most notably that Richard Amsel Bette Midler cover) but the design is tight regardless. I wonder what he did draw. Who drew that Black Jacobins cover? Before long I stumbled onto his name in the New York Times Obituaries

EUTEMEY–Loring P., died on September 22nd in his apartment in Manhattan, at age 82, after a short illness. Son of Bert V. Eutemey and Lousie Hope Holmes Eutemy, brother of the late Edward Eutemey. Loring grew up at Revere Place in Brooklyn, and graduated from Samuel J. Tilden High School. After graduating from Cooper Union, where he trained as a graphic designer, he began his career at Push Pin Studios during its early days. Later he became a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, widely recognized for his distinctive album cover designs for Atlantic records. His two marriages ended in divorce. He was a military veteran, a collector of rare books, and an avid bicycler around New York. He will be greatly missed by his friends and neighbors.

Born in Brooklyn. He’d been here in the city with me all along, lol. I love this place. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet him. Did he draw the cover to The Black Jacobins? If I had discovered him just a few years sooner, I may have been able to ask him. Anybody else out there familiar with Loring P Eutemey’s work?