Man, given the talk of Yahoo devaluing Tumblr, the company’s past history with absorbing and then shutting down sites/services when they fail to meet expectations, etc. I’m thinking I should really take some measures to prepare if this place goes the way of the dodo. 

I mean, I don’t know how much of the stuff I’ve posted needs saving or anything, but there’s parts I’d want to hang on to. And given that I’ve been on here for almost five years now, I’d be a bummer to see it all gone. 

More importantly, I want to make sure I don’t lose touch with friends I’ve made here. I’ve met some good people through this site, and there’s plenty of “voices” I’d miss hearing if this site went away. 

Trouble is I’m not the most “plugged in” person around and I’m not really on a lot of sites besides Tumblr. I have an email obviously, but that’s mostly for work/school/organizing with local friends. I have a Twitter account I’ve barely ever used and I’m on a forum that I’d bet money no one I follow is a member of. I’m on Reddit literally to follow a few threads and never interact with anyone because that’s not exactly a community I want to interact with. I haven’t touched Facebook in over a year and I have no reason to think I’ll go back. I’ve only used Skype once ever and only just poked around Discord and don’t really get it quite yet. 

So I haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing yet. 


I am easily the worst fucking movie buff you know. Name a movie, I probably haven’t seen it, even it’s like the most obvious thing ever. Like I basically saw no movies during the 90s and early 00s that wasn’t either a part of the super old collection of VHS tapes my family had, or shown in a class, or something I happened to catch on cable by chance. 

So no, I never watched Jurassic Park or any of the other movies that were popular when I was a kid, but I damn well watched Tremors 2 a couple dozen times. 

This is my attempt to find the true meaning behind everyone’s blog handle.












Reblog this with an explanation of yours because sometimes I stare at the combination of letters some of you all have and my head cannot make sense of it.

@hale-yah: my name is Haley and it’s my attempt at creating a play on the phrase “Hell yeah.”

Mine is simply the name of a character in a SciFi novel I read as a kid. I needed a second username quickly, grabbed the nearest book, and chose it. I’ve used it on and off since 1986.

Oh, it’s pronounced such that it rhymes with “list” or “mist.”

Mine is a shortened version of my last name. Mrs Henchy was taken by someone who have never posted (grr), so I am Ms Henchy.

bitchface bitchplace. that’s basically it. but bface is my cat’s last name too. 

On Grease when the principal is threatening the T Birds over the PA for mooning everyone at the dance and she’s like, “We have pictures of you so-called mooners. And just because the pictures aren’t of your faces doesn’t mean we can’t identify you.”

A friend’s band was featured in one of those free local papers a few years ago. He explained that they call themselves the Sheets because when they first started out they were a cover band. “I think it all has to do with linens or something.”

I ended up playing it in a hand of Cards Against Humanity. That’s it, nothing exciting.

lyric to a song i wrote.

a play on the Smiths song Bigmouth Strikes Again

It’s the first Yo La Tengo song.

simple version: it’s a reference to the song “ladytron” by roxy music, the band ladytron named after the song by roxy music, and gil scott-heron’s “h20gate blues”.

complicated version: you ever seen metropolis and ghost in the shell? ever read any donna haraway? yeah it’s about that stuff.

My name comes from the NES game Mendel Palace. I’ve never really played the game, I was just fishing around for a name that had something to do with one of my interests, and I liked the way this one sounded. It just FELT right, you know?

I’m gonna be turning 29 tomorrow. Kinda wonder if a younger me would be disappointed by how little I’ve got going on at this point in my life. 

Still, all things considered I’m better off now then I was a few years back. I’ve met new people, I feel better about myself then I have in years, and I’m making plans to get back into writing. Like, things could be a lot better, but still, progress has been made. 

I don’t know, when I started typing this out I was a bit bummed, but I actually feel kinda better now. There’s obvious room for improvement, but I feel like I’m mentally in a place where that can happen now. And that’s something. 

I sometimes feel like a really substandard friend, both to the “in the flesh” type friends and my internet friends. To the former, I’m lousy at keeping in touch and I just kinda drift in and out. I feel like I barely manage to maintain relationships. For the latter, I’m bad at actually being actually helpful when they need it, especially at comforting someone when they’re going through rough times. Like I try to be available and open, I want to help when I can, but when I see that someone I’m close to is having a rough time or needs comfort, I’m never sure what to say or do. I just feel weak and ineffectual.